Did you miss the March 31st deadline to sign up for Spring League 2015? Although teams have been formed, we will still accept new players for a few more days. Sign up through Parks and Rec and contact Dana Loso at danaloso1 at gmail


Play Spring League!

March 3, 2015

Spring League 2015 begins April 8. Register through Parks & Rec by March 31. In a nutshell:

-Games on Wednesdays

-6pm to 8pm

-Teams formed by draft

-New low price: $28/ $32 (outside city limits)

-All skill levels welcome

-Captains needed (male & female co-captains)

Questions? Wanna’ captain? Email Dana at danaloso1 at gmail dot com (that is the number one after loso)

Winter League is a high school ultimate team fundraiser for both Crescent Valley and Corvallis High. Come play!

In a nutshell:

  • Monday nights 6-8pm
  • on Corvallis High School’s artificial turf
  • Starts November 24 until February 23
  • Pay as you play($5/night)  or Season Passes ($30) available
  • Must sign a waiver

Don’t miss out on Ultimate-related announcements, sign up with our Google Group.

  • Go to “Email List” at right

Fall League Late Registration

September 18, 2014

Did you miss the deadline? For late registration call Parks and Rec Mon-Fri and register: 541-766-6918
Once registered, show up Sunday at Crystal Lake Sunday to find out your team. Bring a white and a dark jersey.

Register Here at Parks and Rec
-Games at Crystal Lake Sports Park
-September 14-November 2
-Registration closes Monday, September 8
-Captains needed: email Dana at loso at -q- dot com (captains pick their own team!)

Summer League Captains meeting will be this Thursday 6/12 at 7 pm at the Tunison Community Room. All summer league team captains (or a teammate) need to attend. Those looking for a team may also attend.

At a glance:
-form your own team
-submit a roster to Parks and Rec by June 5
-first games are on June 17 for Competitive League, June 19 for Spirited League
-last games are August 26 (Competitive) and August 28 (Spirited)
-games played once a week
-captains’ meeting: week of June 9th (TBD)
-games start at 6pm-8:30pm
-play at Crystal Lake Sports Park


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